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Archer's Eyewear1 week ago
Amidst COVID it is our goal to ensure appropriate access to emergency ocular health services.

If you are having an emergency eye issue, please contact our optometrists

Dr. Jessica Sgro and Dr. Adriana Cotovio directly at
via email

A consultation via tele-video will be scheduled at your convenience within 2 hours of initial communication. If further assessment is required, an in-office visit will be scheduled within 24 hours of initial communication. If consult with an ophthalmologist is required, Dr. Sgro and Dr. Cotovio will organize and set-up an appropriate and timely appointment.

Emergency eye issues include the following:

- Eye injury, such as a foreign body in eye (ie.metal) or a chemical injury

- Red, painful eye

- Sudden double vision or a drooping eyelid

- Sudden loss or change in vision or visual field

- Painful eye that is light sensitive

- New onset flashes of light or floaters

- Shadow or curtain in vision

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